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English (Ingles): This wiki is based off of Kameo: Elements of Power.

Español (spanish): Esta wiki está basada en Kameo: Elements of Power

What it's about:

English (Ingles): Kameo: Elements of Power is about a young female elf, named Kameo, who goes on a magical journey to rescue 10 Elemental Warriors in order to defeat Thorn, the Troll King, while trying to save her twin sister, Kalus, and restore peace to her homeland, the Enchanted Kingdom.

Español (spanish): Kameo: Elements of Power trata sobre una elfa joven, llamada Kameo, que emprende un viaje mágico para rescatar a 10 Guerreros Elementales con el fin de derrotar a Thorn, el Rey Trol, mientras trata de salvar a su hermana gemela, Kalus, y restablecer la paz. su patria, el Reino Encantado.

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